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Where To Buy A Laptop During Circuit Breaker

The recent pandemic has forced many organizations to shut their doors. The employees are working from home which sounds more comfortable but is challenging at the same time. Many work professionals struggle with an entire new productivity environment and problems. During the circuit breaker, many shops, stores, or service centers are closed. However, some are providing online help services. Most of the work is carried out using the laptop. What if the main device, your laptop, got broken and there’s no chance of repair?

Broken or malfunctioned devices impact your productivity and may expose sensitive corporate data. In such a scenario, you would definitely have to buy a new laptop before your work piles up. But getting one that quickly is really a hassle if you don’t know where to look for it.


Hassle-free Laptop Purchase In Singapore


Buying a laptop is absolutely hassle-free with Laptop Factory Outlet. We are the largest online laptop selling store in Singapore that have new as well as refurbished devices in the store. We believe in utilizing money wisely, hence, making all the premium range laptops available at a genuine price.

We understand how hard the time is right now. Following the WHO guidelines and social distancing is the only way to protect ourselves from this pandemic. So if you wish to buy a laptop urgently, you can order your laptop online. We’ll try to deliver your parcel as soon as possible.


Brand New Laptops


Air Macbook


You’d definitely want to spend your money on a perfect laptop. Laptops are compact, hence, easy to carry and are versatile too to run the demanding applications. If you are looking to buy a laptop you shouldn’t just pick anything randomly. Keep the future scenario in mind and select the best model that fits your work needs as well as your entertainment or any favorite pastime requirements.

If you are a graphic designer or video editor working from home, you should check the specifications before purchase. Pick a laptop that has a good storage space, GPU, a CPU of i7 or above, screen resolution, a discrete video card with dedicated RAM, and of course longer battery life.


Refurbished Laptops


thin scratches


Many people have this misconception that refurbished laptops are the used devices. Not all of them are actually used. Some users return the laptops before they use them due to the manufacturer’s defect or maybe the specifications don’t fit their computing needs. While some others are not even sold by the manufacturer. They find the faults during the testing and fix those faults. The laptops then go through testing again and are made available under the refurbished category once they pass the test.

There are many frauds running on the name of refurbished laptops. While buying a refurbished laptop, make sure you are buying from the official store or site of the manufacturer or an authorized seller. Check all the terms and conditions and warranty before you lock the deal.


Buy A Laptop With Laptop Factory Outlet


In Singapore, Laptop Factory Outlet is an authorized seller of new and refurbished laptops. Our team of experts thoroughly check the pre-owned laptops and perform the necessary repair work. We never want to upset our customers by handing over just anything. Commonly used to the premium laptops, we have all the laptop models in our collection. Don’t let this circuit breaker affect your work. If your laptop is broken, reach us to buy a new one. Brand new or refurbished, the decision is yours.

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