reduce your PC's carbon footprint

Quick Guide to Reduce Carbon Footprint of your PC

If you’re wondering what amount of energy does your PC requires then you need not worry because your laptop is nowhere around do heavy appliances that require a lot of energy in order to power them up but it is always advisable to limit the amount of power that your system withdraws which also as a result saves your hard earned money. In today’s discussion – Four ways to reduce your PC’s carbon footprint, our focus is to tell our readers how they can reduce the carbon footprint of their personal laptop.

reduce your PC's carbon footprint
Consuming video content on smaller screens can reduce your ICT carbon footprint

Turning laptop off completely


Turning laptop off
When you’re ready to shut down your PC, why not just press the power button? Why not, indeed! Except that on most computers, that button comes preprogrammed to do something else: put the machine into sleep mode.

It is often encountered by laptop users that they avoid turning off their PC completely and rather prefer to put it to sleep which is one of the reasons which contributes to increasing the carbon footprint of the system. You will be surprised to know that in Windows there are various power down states that are capable of saving as much energy as it would save if the plug was entirely removed. One of two studies state that the laptops on an estimator draw a power of about one or more watt when they are completely turned off and plugged in. Just imagine that is so cool! You must also be aware of the fact that there are a number of organization’s around the world that are on a daily basis using a huge network of PCs to make sure to pay attention to these numbers. They have also made sure to invest in management systems that take care of sophisticated power management for all their devices in the office. It is no big secret that when there is a huge network of species then they need to be activated remotely in order to be able to apply patches and perform maintenance tasks in them. On the contrary the systems that we have at home do not really require to be left on standby or left plugged in when they are not being used. Therefore in order to reduce carbon footprint for home computers it is always advisable to keep in mind to turn your system completely off once your work is done as it would also add to the life of the machine.

Adjust Your Windows Power Plans:

There are some systems in which there is a setting that has been done by the user in which the laptop goes into a standby sleep or a hypoids mode after a period of inactivity. Having such a setting can prove to be beneficial for the system as in periods of inactivity it is going to save any unnecessary battery loss which will also cut carbon footprint to some extent as well.

Try using the old machine a little longer

We are in the era where old computers have turned into disposable items and notebooks are becoming quickly popular among users which is definitely not something we should be proud of. You may be unaware but it is a fact that a lot of energy is consumed in building and delivering a new computer to the user. The result of having a large number of unused computers is that they are ending up in regulated landfills in the continents of Asia. Therefore causing a huge damage to the environment and adding up to the carbon footprint overall.

Take the help of hardware’s to implement power conservation

In the advancement of Technology we have nowadays products that have been specifically designed to turn off any peripherals that have been connected to your computer when the machine is turned off.  the result of using such products is that it helps in saving a lot of energy and also helps in taking a long time of 12 years for the machine to pay for itself with low energy bills. 

Although there are hundreds of practices that can help you in cutting the carbon footprint of your machine, we have tried to provide you with the best Four ways to reduce your PC’s carbon footprint. We all are aware of the fact that it is always easy to go careless but it is very difficult to act wisely in order to get benefits and also provide benefits. Therefore we at Laptop Factory Outlet recommend you to inculcate the above 4 practices in your daily use of your computer.

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