Stop Collecting Old Phones They Don't Pay Rent

Stop Collecting Old Phones They Don’t Pay Rent

What do you do when you buy new furniture, new accessories, new clothes you obviously give away the old one. The very simple reason for this is to manage the available space properly. It is important to give away the old stuff. There can be another way of treating these old things; that is you can choose to repair them or give them a brand new look so that their usage is enhanced and the life is extended. The same is true with old phones also. If you want to buy a new phone then you must first think about how to give away the old one we need to Stop Collecting Old Phones They Don’t Pay Rent.

Stop Collecting Old Phones They Don't Pay Rent
The solution lies in the common term that we might hear on a daily basis but don’t pay much attention to- E-waste. E-waste encompasses all the electrical and electronic waste, ranging from our laptops, phones, TV sets to CD’s, etc. While these items can easily meet a much more sustainable fate (refurbishing, repairing or recycling them) instead they are usually discarded.  ” Source : “

What to Do with the Old Phones?

It’s high time that once we have made up our mind to buy a new phone the first thing that should catch your attention is what should be done with the old phone? One thing is certain that you are not going to just leave your old phone lying in some corner of your house or drawer of your wardrobe. Something needs to be done with this old stuff. Let us have a look at some of the important things that you must keep in mind and you with the old phone –

  • Understand the issues of the phone: This point is important because it will form the base of the decision of buying a new phone. One should first try to understand the problem the old phone is experiencing. If the problem is hindering your work and other stuff that you do on the phone then certainly the problem is big. In this case you should try to get the phone repaired because sometimes the problem is minor and it is very much repairable. So if you can get your phone repaired then you can delay buying a new phone.
  • Crack on the Screen, not an issue: Most of the time it is seen that people want to buy a new phone just because there is a crack on the screen of the phone. Surely getting changed the display of the phone is not an easy task but it is very much doable. If you have a good repair shop around you from where you can get the screen of the phone repaired then definitely this should be the first thing you must do.
  • Do not hoard old phones: If you are convinced that there is no other option but to buy a new phone for yourself then first look out for the ways of giving away the old phone because hoarding the phone is not an option and definitely not preferable so Stop Collecting Old Phones They Don’t Pay Rent.

How to Give Away the Old Phone?

There are a number of mobile phone outlets which readily accept the old and used phones because they will be used for resale. Now you must be wondering that if your phone is problematic then how can it be used to resale? Well the outlets like PC Dreams  which are in the business of resale of the old phones make it a point to to repair the phone which comes to them. They will not only repair the phone from head to toe and bring them in perfect working conditions but will also take care of any data which is in the phone and remove it in a responsible manner. Outlets like PC Dreams deal in this sale and purchase of old phones very professionally not only will they give up your old phone for resale but even you will get an instant credit for giving your old phone. So now your old phone can help you with some finances that you might need for buying a new phone.

Even you as a responsible customer must take care of the fact that you remove all the important and critical data that you have stored in the phone before you give away the phone for resale even if there is some data left in the phone make sure you yourself inform about the same to the exact words so that whenever they will extract the data they will give you the information about it.

We hope that now you understand that we need to Stop Collecting Old Phones They Don’t Pay Rent whereas giving it for resale will surely get you some finances.

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