6 March, 2023

Toyo Seikan Group exhibits together with Singapore‘s Shiok Meats at SXSW2023 aiming to bring Cultivated Shellfish to the US Market

Shiok Meats, which aims to produce and supply next-generation shellfish using cell cultivation technology, and Toyo Seikan Group, which was founded 100 years ago as a manufacturer of cans for canning to ensure a stable supply of marine products, have commenced on business cocreation in September 2020, with the goal of building a value chain that will enable a sustainable supply of seafood in the Asia Pacific region. In the United States, the demand of healthy seafood is growing in response to the rise in health awareness, and shrimp is the most consumed seafood. However, the country imports the majority of its shellfish demands from Asia.

With that in mind, the both companies have proposed the idea that “sustainable seafood can be self-sufficient even in urban areas” through the use of food technology such as cell cultivation. As such, we seek to acquire business partners who will work together to realize a society that can offer a rich selection and diverse range of food options.

Following the approval of the world’s first chicken nuggets for sale and production by the Singapore Food Authority in year 2020 and the safety declaration for cellular chicken by the US FDA in year 2022, cellular foods constitute the next generation of animal protein foods that are expected to be available worldwide by year 2030. As such, ShiokMeats, with the support of Toyo Seikan Group, are working together to scale up and build a pilot plant to launch commercial sales of shrimp products in Singapore in 2024.

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