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Apple iPhone 13 Recent Rumors

It has not been long since Apple launched the iPhone 12 series, which became highly anticipated considering the delayed launch date. In the recent rumor’s it is being speculated that iPhone 13 might feature in-display fingerprint scanner, foldable iPhone in the list. It’s been a few months after the launch and just two months into 2021 and now the Cupertino tech major has already started making headlines for the new iPhones, most likely to be called the iPhone 13, isn’t that fascinating! Just the rumor’s about it have created a buzz in the entire mobile business because Apple has been a trendsetter in the business for quite some time. 

Every new addition in the series is a point of interest for many and people eagerly await regarding every new roll out by the brand. The iPhone 13 has started featuring in the rumor mill and we have several rumors to look at but less we know how much out of it is just a buzz and how is actual fact. Therefore getting a fair idea as to what we can expect from the 2021 iPhone iteration is a tough question to answer to be honest! The latest rumors hint at a possible new design and an addition that can be liked by many and just the idea of it is quite fascinating. Here’s a look at what is brewing in the apple rumor world, So let’s start right away about – iPhone 13 recent rumor’s list:

  • iPhone 13 might get these noteworthy features

    The first rumour that we are going to discuss here is about what feature we are going to get in this new addition. A new leak (courtesy, Mauri QHD) suggests that Apple could finally ditch the iPhone notch that the company decided to adopt back in 2017. There are chances that the iPhone 13 won’t feature the notch but don’t get too excited as may be thinking that the new iPhone could feature a punch-hole or any other sort of smaller notch but you may never know what Apple brings to the plate after ditching notch feature. In one of the tweets by the tipster it was suggested that while the notch will be gone, there will be the re-entry of slightly more bezels on all four sides. Many of the people may look at this feature as a similarity with the iPad which sports visible bezels. However rumor’s are also that the brand is still testing the prototype.

iPhone 13
4-camera system plus LiDAR image from choco_bit on Twitter
  • Apple might bid goodbye to the notch – This particular rumour claims that the company is speculated to make the iPhone 13 compact with an infrared sensor and a dot projector and even the thought of it is very intriguing. Therefore we can say it is highly likely of Apple to ditch the notch and go for a different design. Although it is little difficult to say if more bezels will account for something interesting or will it be a major disappointment with respect to the design. Although we can say that Apple has never gone wrong regarding the design of their products. They have always managed to impress its customers. Considering that the Android rivals are going the ‘true bezel-less’ experience, Apple going in a different direction can appear polarizing which will be interesting to witness as to who wins the battle to impress its customers. But then, the company is known for not following trends and with its tech expertise, we might end up liking the change which has been happening since the launch of iPhone series. Apple is also rumored to adopt Touch ID, one of the features that was used back in 2017 and is now ready to be brought back into fashion. The iPhone 13 is likely to get a combination of Touch ID (in the form of an in-display fingerprint scanner) along with the Face ID which will allow you to secure your device whichever way you prefer.
iPhone 13
ProMotion display with 120Hz refresh might come to the ‘iPhone 13’


iPhones with more storage?

It is no big secret that iPhones lack expandable storage and  this has been a topic of discussion for many. But, a recent rumor suggests that Apple is all determined to solve the storage issues further and take a step further to impress its customers. This is all we had in today’s blog regarding iPhone 13 might feature in-display fingerprint scanner, foldable iPhone in the list, hope you liked it!

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