Laptop Keyboard Troubles, Ask Experts!

The keyboard is an integral part of our laptops, without a working keyboard our device lacks utility. This problem becomes significant enough as we can’t simply swap our laptop keyboards as we can do with our computers. The key mantra to go by is to avoid such situations by taking device maintenance seriously. Sometimes these issues can be ugly enough to test our sanity. But if it has stopped working, this can be a hassle while you have deadlines and pending projects looming on your head. Let’s get started with what you need to know, and how to fix it.

For every problem there is a solution:

To understand things better, a brief description of common faults and issues will be quite helpful. Frequently, few reasons are responsible for your busted keyboard. These issues can go on from being mild to severe predicaments such as dirt and dust; bad connection; bad hardware driver; wrong regional settings; broken or missing keys or liquid damage, etc. Each reason comes with its fair share of fixing mechanisms and certified solutions. To be honest, the actual keyboard design isn’t as easy as it seems. There might be certain repair actions that require you to open your laptop, it will depend upon the manufacturer.

Few troubleshoot options can be as follows:

Firstly, the easiest solution is to update the driver. As sometimes the driver managing the keyboard can run into problems. This usually happens if third-party software is installed or when the device is shut down without properly turning off the laptop. Therefore, Update Driver or Rollback Driver and wait while Windows discover a new driver and install it.

Secondly, cleaning the laptop can also sometimes save the day (not helpful in the case of deep-seated faults). But this task is not easy, as keyboards require a certain amount of physical interaction to get rid of dirt. This can be quite risky as we cannot simply shake and tap back a laptop. Remember to shut down the device before turning it upside down, be careful enough and you can use different brushes to achieve this. For dirt particles that you cannot remove, keyboard cleaning putty or a can of compressed air can pose to be quite handy.

Thirdly, Laptops/Notebooks come with a very critical keyboard circuit and at times serious damages can be caused due to any manual or power reason which can, in turn, impact our input devices like keyboard/port.  This will require removing the component from your laptop and either reset the connection or replace the keyboard altogether. But since different manufacturers build laptops differently, it becomes difficult to identify a single fix. So, an elongated process is further there which might require swapping the keyboard or buying a replacement laptop keyboard.

Besides this, if there isn’t any hardware issue simply changing the language settings can get your keyboard working. But issues with hardware or software maintenance or hands-on repair of laptops inside are mostly beyond one’s reach. But you can simply skip all the above-cited solutions and contact us immediately.

We at PC DREAMS expertise in repairing and diagnosis of all types of keyboard problems at a very affordable price. Our technicians are well versed in dealing with high range equipment and the latest technology for delivering the repaired devices at your doorstep. Our repairing service plans are made keeping in mind the varied needs of customers and to provide them maximum satisfaction. Moreover, our motive is to provide repairing service within a committed time frame at leading market prices.

So, next time you face keyboard issues, remember to ring us and share your query. All you have to do is book an appointment on our website or call us or visit our store and we will surely help you with our best.

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