unused devices are e-waste too

Are Unused Electronics An E-waste Too?

Are you going shopping for electronics? You must be very excited about buying a new device loaded with extravagant features and curvy design. But what about your old device? What will you do with it? Do you have any plans for your old companion also? If your answer to all these questions is no then we must tell you that you are also contributing to polluting the earth because unused devices are e-waste too. We all know about the concept of e-waste but there is a slight difference or shall we say a misconception that only the electronics that are thrown away in an unprotected way constitutes e-waste but very less know and accept that even the unused electronics lying in our cupboards and drawers or houses for office spaces also contribute equally to the problem of e-waste.

Why and How do these unused electronics pose a threat?


unused devices are e-waste too
Recycling electronics means safely disposing of them to ensure that they can either be repaired or reused. Proper disposal is crucial because they contain toxic substances. There are multiple ways you can recycle old gadgets. You can donate them back to companies so they can recycle them for you or take them to third-party recyclers like PC Dreams.
  • The first and foremost thing that is quite apparent in keeping these old electronics is that they occupy some valuable and otherwise usable spaces in our houses or office spaces. These old devices if removed then the space which they occupy can surely be put to a better use for some productive work. 
  • Next important aspect about allowing these devices to occupy our valuable space is that these devices release some amount of radiation and radiation whether it is small or in large amounts is always dangerous. 
  • Another strange reason which many people will place in support of keeping these older devices around them is that these devices have some of their critical data which they do not want to lose but the ultimate truth is that if these devices line on used over a considerable amount of time even then there are high trances that the data will be ultimately lost.

Is there any Solution?

Yes, of course there is a solution different number of things that can be done with the old device which will not only help you declutter your space but will also put your device into a productive use and moreover there are even chances that they may lend you some financial help also let us look at some of the ways in which these things are achievable:

  • First of all you just need to have the right set of information that if at all anything can be done with your old electronics then where it can be done and what should you do? The answer to both these questions can be found with organizations like PC Dreams these organizations are dedicated to taking care of old devices in the best possible way.
  • You can use your old device in trade-in. This is one way in which your device will be utilized in the best way, while helping you financially also. Now you must be wondering that if your device has some problem then why would anyone buy your old device in the transaction ? This issue will also be taken care of by these organizations that we have just talked about like PC Dreams. Only after your device has been thoroughly checked and any issue, whatever it may be, has been rectified the device is sent for a trade-in transaction.
  • Most of the time buying a new device is actually because your old device is not working the way you want it to. In this situation you can take the help of the organizations that we have mentioned above. It is always preferable to priorities repairing over buying. 
  • As we are talking about unused devices are e-waste too, we first as customers should also focus on buying refurbished devices rather than a brand new one. This way, we will play a part in promoting the reuse and recycling of the old devices. Once this cycle gains momentum, the problem of e-waste will see a significant downfall.

We have entered that phase of lifetime where it is important that we check our reckless habits and living style. Now is the time to think, focus and adopt sustainable ways of living. In order to achieve the ways of sustainable living it is important that we check the waste which is produced which also includes e-waste, and that is why it is important to address the issue of unused devices are e-waste too, because till we don’t understand the origin of the problem, we cannot find the apt solution.

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