Windows 7 Black Screen of Death Fix

The Black Screen of Death in Windows 7 appears only in critical situation and shuts down your computer to prevent the damage.


1. Configure the Registry

2. Repair the Registry Entries with a Registry Cleaner

3. Repair your computer

4. Replace the Memory

5. Delete System Junk with a PC Optimizer Software

Configure the Registry

Do below steps for Windows 7 Black Screen of Death fix:

1. Click Start | Run.

2. Type RegEdit and press ENTER.

3. Expand the following:


4. Click File | Load Hive.

5. Type the following in the File Name text box:


6. Click Open button.

7. Type MySystem for the registry hive that you are wishing to modify.

8. Wait till it is being loaded.

9. Expand the following hive:


10. Double click the string named Current and note down its value. For example, 1.

11. Expand the following hive where XXX represents the above noted number:


12. Double click the string called ObjectName to modify.

13. Replace its value from LocalSystem to NT AUTHORITYNetworkService.

14. Select the key MySYSTEM and click File | Unload Hive. This will unload it

15. Close Registry Editor and restart your machine.

Repair the Registry Entries with a Registry Cleaner

Like the above case, other registry changes may be required in order to fix Windows 7 Black Screen of Death. It is not possible to manually find and repair the registry junk. Use a good and reputed Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer product to fix up the problem.

Repair your Computer

The Windows 7 installation disc lets you repair your computer so that Windows 7 Black Screen of Death is fixed.

1. Insert Windows 7 installation disc.

2. Restart the machine.

3. Press F2 or Delete key.

4. Select the following:

First Boot Device: CD ROM

Second Boot Device: Hard Disk

5. Save your settings.

6. Press a key when prompted.

7. Wait till the installation program is being prepared. Then click Repair your computer label at the left hand side on bottom of the dialog.

Replace the Memory

Replace your RAM temporarily and check whether Windows 7 Black Screen of Death is fixed or not. If it is getting fixed, then faulty RAM may be the case.

Delete System Junk with a PC Optimizer Software

A PC Optimizer software is one that includes all the features needed to boost the system performance and maintain your computer.

Windows 7 Black Screen of Death can be fixed if you clean the junk data stored on your hard disk. A good system optimizer software will automatically resolve the low disk space problem and thereby resolve the said problem.

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