Protect Your Computer – Facts About Hard Disk Problems

Although low hard disk quality can lead to bad tracks, you should be aware that the most problems are produced by being used improperly. So in order to protect your hard disk as well as computer, I would like to tell you the facts about hard disk problems and bad tracks in particular.

It can categorize into two kinds: logical and physical. Put in simple way, logical one is produced by using certain software or disk improperly while physical bad track is due to problem of magnetic media of hard disk itself. As a matter of fact, to fix the former is much easier to fix than the latter one. If you find your disk is troubled with following problems, it is necessity for you to check whether there is bad track in the disks.

As a matter of fact, your system is not affected by any virus but cannot startup normally and come up with some prompts like “Sector not found” or “General error in reading drive C”. Every time you start up system, it will run Scan disk program to scan disk errors. The normal running sound has changed into weird creaking. Or when formatting hard disk, it stops at certain schedule and then report errors that it cannot finish the whole task. If you perform “FDISK” to disks, it repeats at certain schedule. What is worse, the computer might fall into blue screen without any wrong operation.

As it is extremely rigorous requirement for interior working environment in the disk, any tiny dust can result in irreversible damages. Therefore, if there is any problem in the disk, you cannot fix the problems by taking apart the disks but can turn to other specific tools to help you so as to minimize the loss. After confirming the bad tracks in the disks, you are not still sure whether they belong to logical or physical. So, you have to fix disk errors from simple to complex means. The common logical problems can be solved by using Windows program or others. But as for physical ones, you need further repair to guarantee the safety of hard disk data and normal usage.

Shield physical bad tracks

If bad track still exits after low-level formatting, it is no doubt that there are physical bad ones on it. Such problem is produced usually by furious impinge or abrupt power-off during using hard disk and disk head may likely collide with disk when it is tail-wagging. Even though you use disk checking program to mark those ones so as to forbid operating system visiting this sector, the physical ones can extend after a period of time. That is to say, although you have marked bad ones, hard disk is likely to visit the sectors closed to bad tracks which can deteriorate the situation. In order to avoid such problem, you had better shield bad tracks into an unused partition.

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