The BEST Phone in 2015

1.85GHz Dual Core A9 Processor with 2GB RAM,iPhone 6s achieved 132,620 points。As a second runner up, Huawei, Mate 8 has scored 92,746 point.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 only managed to get 83,362 points, with stunning specs like 2.1GHz 8 core, Exynos 7420 processor.

Honestly speaking, it brings out an interesting point here.
Apart from IOS devices, Huawei Mate 8 is the biggest winner on performance ranking. We could see from the ranking that there are still some gaps between IOS and Android.

For instance, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is higher than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6’s score is higher than Snapdragon 810 devices.

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